William (Bill) H. Mieir
Statement of my Faith:
I believe our Heavenly Father deals personally
with us through the inspired Scriptures, prayer,
the Holy Spirit, and circumstances of life.  Jesus
is to be rightful Lord over my life and Head of the
organism that is His body.  Jesus intends for the
church to be outreach oriented and wants His
church to grow in numbers and in His Word.
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Christ Is Above All
The Church's Worst Problem
Personal overview (detail and more information on resume):
  • Wife: Connie Mieir              Father of 4  
  • Church growth through 100 and 200 barriers
  • Forwarding Agent Philippine Evangelizing Services
  • Individual and couples counseling experience
  • Community event coordination                            NACC Local Arrangements Chairman
Contact Information:

Cell/Work phone:  816-716-1717
Bill Mieir (wmpreach@comcast.net)
Address: 805 East 15th Street
Oak Grove, MO 64075
Home Phone: 816-690-3210
Please send an email to me if you have any questions or would like to contact me electronically.  
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