All are called to service......
Reaching out to the world for Christ
Serving here and abroad.
Our Mission
NHCC reaches out to touch lives here
and abroad through our missionary
partners.  Through our relationships,
gifts, & prayer, we connect with local
people.  Above all, we follow the Bible
& see God's Spirit meeting needs in all
areas of human experience.
Our Openness
We want people who have never
attended church as well as mature
Christians to feel welcome, accepted,
loved, and to experience God's healing
power.  Materials and friends will help
with becoming part of our church
family.  Dress is from casual to coat
and tie and is never as important as a
person being present to experience God.
We provide Bible School classes for all
ages as well as conduct a Children's
Worship up to grade 5 during worship
time.  Our Youth Ministry extends to
an evening meeting for kids of all ages
in an enjoyable atmosphere.  Parties,
activities, concerts & youth camps are
added in the mix.
Opportunity to Serve
All of us are gifted by God for
ministry.  There is no waiting period
before beginning to serve.  Each
ministry does its own planning subject
to spiritual oversight and

Ministry opportunities--
Some of our church history:
New testament position seeking to unite all believers upon the Scriptures alone.
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Ministry opportunities
Getting to know us.........
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Coming events and activities
Getting to know us.........
Minister Messages
Non-denominational - Independent Christian Church
Bill Mieir -- Minister

Ronito Lisas -- Minister (
the Philippines)  If interested in news letters or support information please click link for the Philippines.
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