Philippine Evangelizing Services
                                                                                                Carlita Lisas, Evangelist

Forwarding Agent:  Bill Mieir                                                                                                                                                                                

In 1973, I worked with a young couple with a small child in the Central Philippines.  A new church work was under way at Bacolod.  Ronito and Carlita Lisas
were leading what was to be the base church for evangelism in a city of 300,000.  Several churches, led by East Bartlesville (Okla.) Christian, under wrote the
From that small beginning, the church blossomed on Negros Island.  From 9 total congregations in 1973 the work has advanced to 70 now.  
In addition to the Green Plains Church, there is now a Christian School and a two (2) year college of Evangelism for training a ministry.  The Lisas' labor has
been blessed by God and helped by local and American brethren to build the Kingdom.
As fast as the growth has been, the population is growing faster.  Pray for an even greater multiplication of churches.

Some interesting facts:
     1.  Negros Island -- 3.7 million people
     2.  Every 7 1/2 years there are 10 million more people in the Philippines.
     3.  Every year Negros Island grows by 2.34% or 57,655 people.
     4.  Approximately fifty (50) new churches have started since 1984 on Negros Island.
     5.  Negros Island has great poverty because many of the people are seasonal crop workers and don't own their own property!
     6.  The average income for most of our rural church members is $3 - $5 a day!
     7.  Over 1,000 children were involved in VBS on Negros Island in 2004!
     8.  The cost for a student in Bible College is $30 a month.          

God Blesses our gifts with many times the cost effectiveness we'd get in work here.  It's a great investment of Kingdom funds to be involved in this labor.  At
this time, long time partner-East Bartlesville Christian Church provides steady, monthly support.  New Hope Christian Church, Belton MO, is the primary
supporter of this ministry.  Other caring congregations and individuals are also involved.  We thank God for every one of them.
I personally count it a joy to have worked with this mostly indigenous mission for 40 years.  We are steady if not spectacular in raising funds and keeping
information flowing to supporters.  What a great investment in eternal treasure this has become for all of us!
If you have questions or would like to have a presentation of the work, please contact via
email  or call (816) 716-1717.  We also are learning to work with a
website -

Praising Him for all He's done,

Bill Mieir, Forwarding Agent ----P.E.S.               
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  To practice the great commission to preach to every people;                          We value every human soul.                                Our vision is to be a service training institution to
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