Philippine Evangelizing Services
PO Box 389
Bacoled 6100
Neg Occ, Philippines
Founded 1971, Bacoled City, Negros Islands Philippines
Founders:  Ronito & Carlita Lisas -- Philippine Nationals
William H. Mieir -- Forwarding Agent
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Our Staff:
Carlita Lisas -- Evangelists, Philippine Islands
Brian Jim Lisas -- Youth and Music Evangelist
Lara Joy Lisas -- Communications National and Christian Education
Hubert Jay Lisas -- Director for Christian Education
William (Bill) Mieir -- Director/
Forwarding Agent USA based

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                                                                                               Our History
The Philippine Evangelizing Services (Pang Evangelio Nga Servicio Sa Pilipinas) was established in 1971 in Bacolod, capital city of Negros Island in the central Philppines.  That
year, Ronito and Carlita graduated from Cebu Bible Seminary.  After their one year marriage, they decided to start an urban work.  At the time, city work seemed too difficult
and no preachers would dare to start a new work in the capital towns for fear of the high cost of living and the aristocratic ways of people.  With the commendation of Ray
Carlson, Cebu College President, and the assistance of Robin Carlson, we met the challenge to move to this city.  
In 1973, Bill Mieir came and spoke to our youth rally held at the borrowed hall of the Boy Scouts building in December from the 26th through the 30th.  This big event is now
known as the Youth Annual Conference for Christ.  The event continues and gathers hundreds of young people from all over the central islands every year.  The past several
years, we have been reaching an attendance of 500-600 youth.  
Bill personally saw and approved the purchase of the land where the first church, known as the Green Plains Church, is now located.  Its facilities house church activities,
grade schools, and the School of Evangelism.  It is also used for preachers' fellowship, training, seminars, and youth camps.
Since its establishment, the Philippine Evangelizing Services continues its work in the planting and growing of churches in the entire island.  A few years ago, we
crossed to the unreached towns of the southern most area of Cebu Island where three new churches were started in the neighboring towns.
            Our Philosophy and Purpose                                  Our Values                                                  Our Vision
 To practice the great commission to preach to every people;                          We value every human soul.                                Our vision is to be a service training institution to
 To enrich God's people in order to live a Christ-like life;                     We value the teaching of God in his Holy Bible.           meet the need and challenges of the advancing society,
 To guide them to follow Christ in order to live a life to the fullest           We value service in the spirit of meekness.               to be equipped and ready for changes in order to keep
      so they also could lead others to Him.                                                    We value selfless life as a living example.               our mission and purpose.

Programs and Ministries
                                     Evangelism                                          Youth Organization                                                     Christian Education
formal education for evangelism, leadership, and training)
Church Planting and Growing                                  Leadership Training                                                   Preschool   Established 1983
                                                                                      Christ in Youth (CIY)                                                 Elementary  Established 1983
                                                                                             Youth Camps                                                     High School Established 1994
                                                                                  Vacation Bible School (VBS)                             College of Evangelism Established 1984
                                                                                  Summer Music Workshop
Prayer, Meeting, Teaching, Baptizing, Educating.......Loving all of God's people and reaching out to all.
Prayer, Meeting, Teaching, Baptizing, Educating.......Loving all of God's
people and reaching out to all.
In 1971, missionaries in the central Philippines saw the absence of evangelism on the island of  Negros.  The key city, Bacolod, had well over half a million people.     
part of the answer for that work was Ronito and Carlita Lisas, Cebu Seminary graduates.
The plans to start a “mother” church and develop outreach into more rural areas from there were launched.  In 1973 land was purchased in a key area of Bacolod
City.  This became home to the Green Plains Church and much more.  During the mid ‘70s the founding missionary who was working with Ronito was recalled.  The
supporting congregation, East Bartlesville Christian, took care of that missionary family and provided funds for the Bacolod plan to continue under Ronito’s direction.  Bill
Mieir, EBCC preacher, had been sent on a month long trip in 1973 to help train and preach there.  Having worked with Ronito and Carlita, Bill recommended them to the
elders in Bartlesville to carry on the work without the missionary partnership.  Bill has now handled the U.S. business for them for over 40 years.

What’s happened in those three plus decades?
  • The Green Plains church has done well.
  • To reach an emerging middle class preschool and elementary schools were established in 1983.
  • In 1994 a high school was added.
  • Seeing the need for trained workers, many of whom were too poor to go to Cebu for seminary, the College of Evangelism was founded.  It has helped supply
    preachers, teachers, and leaders for outreach on Negros, Southern Cebu, and Mindinao.
  • Countless baptisms have taken place.
  • 78 churches have been planted to reach out in the name of Jesus to the central islands.
  • A youth camp has been purchased.
  • A convention for youth has grown large.
  • Ronito has risen to stature as a national leader.

All of this has happened because God in His plan brought together a Filipino, a missionary, a U.S. preacher, and a church with vision.  This is clear evidence of how
God enfolds the faithful stewardship of His people into His plan!  It also points out how faithfulness to a task God has given bears much fruit over the years.
Thank you for being an anchor for this work for over 40 years!

The Lisas and Mieir families          
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