Founded 1971, Bacoled City, Negros Islands Philippines
Founders:  Ronito & Carlita Lisas -- Philippine Nationals
William H. Mieir -- Forwarding Agent
Our Staff:
Carlita Lisas -- Evangelist, Philippine Islands
Brian Jim Lisas -- Youth and Music Evangelist
Lara Joy Lisas -- Communications Natioal
Hubert Jay -- Director for Christian Education
William (Bill) Mieir -- Director/Forwarding Agent USA based

If you are interested in providing regular support or one time donations, please email or write
Bill Mieir.
This church is on top of the hill overlooking
a community of the natives of Mindanao- the
inhabitants long before the Malays came. They were
kind people & were easily converted to Christianity.
Ronito associated with many of them and stayed in this
church during his first year of ministry before
getting married.
The first church Ronito initiated to
build during his first pastoral work after graduating
from Bible College. He relocated the Church to the
center of the town and encouraged the members to build
a more presentable house of worship.
Workers grouped together at the Local
Convention in Cebu Bible Seminary,
month of April.
Workers grouped together at the Local
Convention in
Cebu Bible Seminary, month of April.
The convention venue at the
Mindanao Island
Convention, North Cotabato. Month of
Ronito & Carlita (with the X mark) with some of
the existing members. The eldest were among the few
helpers in building the chapel.  The church have
grouwn so well and have sent many youths to Bible
college and became pastors & teachers.  
This is one of the growing congregations in Northern
Mindanao where Christians and Muslims are always at
(R-L) Brian with his wife miko, miko's sister Tanya, and friend Jesse.
Brian and his band getting ready to
lead worship at the Local Convention,
Cebu Bible Seminary, April 2006.
The church has been here 100 years as we
celebrate 30 years in His service in the
Philippine Islands.
Prayer, Meeting, Teaching, Baptizing, Educating.......Loving all of God's people and reaching out to all.
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