Founded 1971, Bacoled City, Negros Islands Philippines
Founders:  Ronito & Carlita Lisas -- Philippine Nationals
William H. Mieir -- Forwarding Agent
Our Staff:
Carlita Lisas -- Evangelists, Philippine Islands
Brian Jim Lisas -- Youth and Music Evangelist
Lara Joy Lisas -- Communications National
Hubert Jay -- Director for Christian Education
William (Bill) Mieir -- Director/
Forwarding Agent USA based

If you are interested in providing regular support or one time donations, please write to or email
Bill Mieir.
Ronito and Carlita Lisas
Lara (communications & Christian Education)  Brian (Music and Youth Ministry)
Planting and building churches to
teach souls and schools to teach
young minds.
Encouraging, Preaching, Baptizing,
growing, and training leadership!
Meeting with and training youth.  Looking to our future.
The church has been here 100 years as we
celebrate 30 years in His service in the
Philippine Islands.
Prayer, Meeting, Teaching, Baptizing, Educating.......Loving all of God's people and reaching out to all.